Pet Painting #50 – PaPa, Bear, and Sparky

“PaPa, Bear, and Sparky” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

I wanted my 50th painting to be special, so I used a photo taken by my cousin Jenny of my grandfather as a reference.

Before he passed away several years ago, my grandfather adopted two small lap dogs and it was the sweetest thing to see how much he loved those two dogs.  I never remembered my grandparents having a dog, even though there were several occasions when family brought a pet or two by for the day.  I never really knew if my PaPa even liked dogs.  He sure did like these two, though.

I think that sometimes pets come into our lives at the perfect moment, and that is what happened here.  He needed their love, and they needed his, and they were brought together at the exact right moment in life.


Pet Painting #29 Sit. Stay. Read.

“Sit. Stay. Read.” Acrylic on 8×10 canvas

 For Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d do a little homage to the most loving of dogs, the service dog.

Service dogs provide one of the most important things that a person with special needs requires. Patience. They patiently listen, obey, and comfort in a way that we should all envy.  If only we could have this type of patient love for each other on a regular basis, the world would be a better place for everyone, no matter their needs.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Pet Painting #27 Fletcher and Bruno

“Fletcher and Bruno” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

I mean, c’mon. Really.

Is there anything cuter than cats and dogs who love each other?  Even though Bruno’s reaction looks a bit like a celebrity after a paparazzi jumps from behind bush catching him in a compromising position,  Fletcher seems not to care if anyone knows that he loves some kitty snuggle time.