Dodge Completed

dodgedone I completed this one tonight. This is my sister’s dog, Dodge.  He’s a big black Great Dane, and was still a puppy in this picture.  Dodge is a giant sweety pie, who has had an interesting life thus far.  He was found abandoned as a small(ish) puppy by the police after someone left him behind after being evicted.  My sister was told there was an 8 week old puppy that needed a home, and went to get him, thinking he would be a tiny helpless baby.  She came home with a lanky puppy that was the size of many full grown dogs already. He ended up being a great dog, who loved kids and was a sweet as could be.

While we were getting ready to go on a camping trip one day, Dodge trotted into the street and was hit by a truck.  His paw looked so bad, I was convinced he would have to have his leg amputated.  My sister cared for him and changed the dressing on his wound daily until he miraculously recovered, able to run and play within a month of the accident.  He’s definitely a survivor, and has made me appreciate this large lovable breed of dog.


Pet Painting #28 Treat Please?

“Treat Please?” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

 Great Danes really are the best.

The combination of the sad eyes, giant size, affection, loyalty, and humor makes it basically impossible not to fall in love with this breed.   They may accidentally destroy your entire house during a game of chase or break one of your hips while trying to sit on your lap, but how can you possibly stay mad at that sweet, adorable punim?!  Start a savings account for the repairs today, and get yourself a great dane!

If you read this and thought, “I need that in my life,” here are a few websites of great dane rescue organizations that you can check out.  If you search “great dane rescue near me”, I’m sure you can find a dane in your area that would love to look at you with those sad eyes as he sits on your lap and crushes you with love.

Great Dane Rescue –  serving Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, north Georgia, Alabama, Arizona and Ontario, Canada.

The Mid-Adlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc.

Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas

North Mississippi Great Dane Rescue

Great Dane Club of Louisiana

The Great Dane Sanctuary – serving Minnesota and Wisconsin