Lexi and Gunner


Is there anything sweeter than a girl and her dog? No? That’s what I thought.

I remember my first dog. Her name was Mitzy and she was a chubby blonde 7 year old cocker spaniel. We adopted her and she truly did not like us when we first brought her home. I’m pretty sure the first time I tried to pet her she tried to bite me.

Once, my brothers were home alone during the day, when a man broke into our house. My brother had to hold Mitzy back from attacking until the man left. She was so grumpy, but she really was a good dog and I’m pretty sure she grew to love us as much as we loved her.


Pet Painting #32 Throwback Thursday


“Vintage Girl with Wire Hair” Acrylic on 9×12 panel board

I love old photos,

and I’ve really been wanting to do a painting using only a single color and white, so for a reference photo, I did a Google search for “vintage girl with dog” and this was one that I really liked. I hope you like it, too!

If you are into old photos and dogs, then visit this site to see how dog shows were done back in the day. (I just might paint a few of these in color for fun!)

Here are a few of my favorites from my google search of “vintage pet photos”.

I guess dressing your pet up isn’t a new thing!
Look at those curls!
A girl and her giant cat.
She’s totally okay, just take the picture. . Hurry!
This bunny looks very important.

Pet Painting #20 Willow and Carrie

“Carrie and Willow” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas


 It’s been 20 days!

Thank you to all who have purchased a painting from me over the past few weeks.  Support from family and friends (and friends of family and friends) has been amazing, and I never imagined so many people would be willing to buy my artwork and trust my interpretation of their beloved pets.

This is another double portrait, this time of flower child Carrie with her cat, Willow.

Pet Painting #17 SciFi and Ashleigh


“SciFi and Ashleigh” Oil on 12×12 canvas

I decided to get out of my comfort zone a little with this one and used oils instead of acrylics.  This painting is a combination of two separate reference photos.  Ashleigh’s mom really wanted a picture of these two together, but she didn’t have any photos, and SciFi has passed away. Hopefully this double portrait of these two lovely friends will do!