Pet Paintings #56 and #57 – Sisters

“Okema and Lilu” Acrylic on 11×14 Canvas
“Sireta  and Snowball” Acrylic on 11×14 Canvas

Wow! It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted! I feel super guilty about taking such a long break from the blog, but I have been painting, so that makes me feel a little bit better.

My good friend Franny sent me the reference photos for these two paintings. They are her older and younger sister, who recently each lost a pet.  I really enjoyed painting these two, and it was nice to switch up the size as well.


Pet Painting #52 – Baters





This painting was a special request from the author of the blog Hamster Patrol! .  He, like I, is a big fan of orange tabbies, so I told him I would do a painting of one of his orange cats, Baters.  You can go to his blog to see the reference photo that I used for this painting as well as many other adorable photos of his pumpkin colored kitties.

Pet Painting #51 – Matching Set

Hello, everyone! I haven’t posted in a few days, but I HAVE been painting! I had a group that just all happened to be surprises, so I have to post them all later.

Today’s painting completes a matching pair with a previous painting. The two cats look very fluffy, very pretty, and super serious. I love this in contrast with their very happy and friendly looking parents.

Here are the two together.

Pet Painting #49 – Self Portrait Saturday

self portrait
“Self Portrait with Freddie” Acrylic on 8×8 canvas panel

I never do self portraits, so I decided to do one tonight.

My 8 year old son took a reference photo for me, and this was the end result.  The cat I’m holding is Freddie Mercury.  We found him as a stray kitten in a parking lot near my work.  We had an eye infection, so we took him home and nursed him back to health.  He always tries to get outside, and, if he succeeds, he will usually get stuck in a tree.  We always joke that he is the worst feral cat ever.  We have found that if you have a cat that likes to climb trees, but doesn’t know how to come down, it is definitely worth it to have a local tree trimming service that likes animals and a sheet to catch the falling kitty in when the tree trimmer tosses him down.

Pet Painting #41 Super Secret Surprise!

Oh man, oh man. The suspense is killing me!

I’m super happy with how my latest painting turned out, and can’t wait to share it, but I have to wait until the giftees are happy married on the 19th so I don’t ruin the surprise. It’s another quadruple portrait of the soon-to-be newlyweds and their very cool looking cats.

Since I can’t share new work, I’ll share this oldy that I have on my fake mantle in my living room. Don’t worry, though. I’ll have another new piece tomorrow!

Pet Painting #27 Fletcher and Bruno

“Fletcher and Bruno” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

I mean, c’mon. Really.

Is there anything cuter than cats and dogs who love each other?  Even though Bruno’s reaction looks a bit like a celebrity after a paparazzi jumps from behind bush catching him in a compromising position,  Fletcher seems not to care if anyone knows that he loves some kitty snuggle time.

Pet Painting #26 Lucky


“Lucky” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

“Lucky” was painted with Golden full body acrylics.  I switched to these higher quality (than what I’m used to) paints recently and have used them for the past two paintings.  I really love the color quality compared to the Liquitex student grade paints. The only problem is that these seem to dry even faster than the Liquitex paints.

I’m thinking it’s time to make one of these wet palettes.  I’ve had one in the past, but didn’t paint enough, and it kept getting moldy.  I’m also thinking about building some painting storage so that my paintings are just leaning all over each other waiting to be knocked down by a child swinging a towel around or fighting over a toy.  Pinterest has some really great ideas, I just need to choose one. . .and get the materials. . . and build it.  Ugh.