Pet Painting #28 Treat Please?

“Treat Please?” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

 Great Danes really are the best.

The combination of the sad eyes, giant size, affection, loyalty, and humor makes it basically impossible not to fall in love with this breed.   They may accidentally destroy your entire house during a game of chase or break one of your hips while trying to sit on your lap, but how can you possibly stay mad at that sweet, adorable punim?!  Start a savings account for the repairs today, and get yourself a great dane!

If you read this and thought, “I need that in my life,” here are a few websites of great dane rescue organizations that you can check out.  If you search “great dane rescue near me”, I’m sure you can find a dane in your area that would love to look at you with those sad eyes as he sits on your lap and crushes you with love.

Great Dane Rescue –  serving Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, north Georgia, Alabama, Arizona and Ontario, Canada.

The Mid-Adlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc.

Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas

North Mississippi Great Dane Rescue

Great Dane Club of Louisiana

The Great Dane Sanctuary – serving Minnesota and Wisconsin



Pet Painting #19 Aretha and Etta (Looking for a Home)


“Aretha and Etta” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

Soooo many guinea pigs to rescue!

I wanted to paint something tonight that was a pet other than a cat or dog, so I went onto and searched under “small and furry”.  The amount of guinea pigs was staggering!  I’ve had a guinea pig before, and they have a surprising amount of personality. If any of you are looking for a first pet for a child or would like a little buddy to snuggle up with this winter, please consider adopting a pair of pigs such as these two lovely ladies.  You can find them and many other animals searching for homes here.


This sweet pair comes with curiosity as well as beauty. Aretha is very interested in everything that goes on in the room. Her foster mom says she is just nosy. Etta is more shy but is extra sweet. Coincidentally both girls have a permanent head tilt due to prior ear infections.

The girls are listed as special needs because Aretha has slight paralysis that prevents her from blinking and moistening her eye. As a result she gets an eye drop twice a day. They are wonderful girls and would love a permanent home with someone who has just a few minutes every day to make sure Aretha’s eye stays healthy.

At MGPR, we believe that no guinea pig should ever be alone. For this reason, all MGPR guinea pigs must be adopted either as a friend for your current guinea pig or, if you do not currently have a guinea pig, we will be happy to assist you in adopting a pair of guinea pigs. We are confident that we can assist you in finding a match that your family is sure to love!

Visit our web site to see Aretha & Etta and all of their friends! Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Finding Forever Homes for Guinea Pigs in Maryland, DC, and Virginia ~ Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue.”–from