Just a little Bowie fan art and experimenting with fluid acrylics.


Pet Painting #46 A Boy and His Lamb (tonal study)


“A Boy and His Lamb” Acrylic on 11×14 canvas panel
Original Image

Tone is more important than color.

Today I wanted to do a study in value and tone, so I found a black and white image and added my own color.  This was so much fun!  I think I might have to do it more often.

One of the most important skills to have as a painter is the ability to match tones.  Notice, I said tone, not color.  Color is different. Two different colors can have the same tone, and this is important, because it means that you can paint the same painting in different color schemes and achieve a very realistic painting as long as the tones match.

For more on this, you can visit and read this article.

Pet Painting #42 (still on the easel)

 wip WIP it!! WIP it good!!

Remember how I promised that I would have another painting for you today?  Well, I did’t say it would be finished, did I?!  This became a Work In Progress (WIP) after I stopped painting to take a step back—- and then fell asleep.  What can I say? It’s been a crazy week at my day job, and it finally caught up with me.  I’ll have this one done tonight, though, and post it with it’s actual name.

Pet Painting #40 Ramzie



“Ramzies” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas


That’s how long it felt like this painting was going to take.  For some reason, maybe I had a long day, maybe the painting I did yesterday kicked my butt, too, or maybe I was in a crummy mood, but this painting just wasn’t coming together.  After hearing some heavy sighs and some muttered curse words, my husband asked me what was wrong.

“Look at this painting!”

“What’s wrong? It looks fine to me.”

“It’s a complete disaster. I’m a total failure, and I didn’t even finish the painting I started yesterday. I should just call the blog Maybe A Pet Painting a Day If I Feel Like It.”

“Well, maybe you’re over thinking it.”

“Whatever. You don’t understand.”

Then I picked up my largest brush and stopped overthinking the whole thing and it came together quite well.  I’m glad I thought of that.

Pet Painting #38 Jake and His Coat

“Jake” Acrylics on 12×12 canvas

 Here is what Jake’s mom has to say about him-

“We lost Jake last month, and I would love for you to paint him. He was the most love able dog I have ever met! He wasn’t very old, but he had an old soul. He LOVED the coat he is wearing; I actually had a back up coat he could wear when I was washing one. . .I would look out the window and he would be chasing squirrels, running from tree to tree, with his coat on, of course.”

While painting this, I was thinking of Jake chasing squirrels in the afterlife, still wearing his stylish fur trimmed coat.

This week, I visited my local art supply store, Hartung Gallery in Portsmouth VA.  It’s a small family owned business, and they have a great selection and really good prices for such a small establishment.  

Sometimes, Mr. Hartung will get his hands on items from bigger stores that are closing down or getting rid of extra inventory, and he always sells them for a much lower price.  I found a set of Golden brand Open slow drying acrylics, and decided to give them a try.  


If you happen to paint with acrylics, but like the work-ability of oils, these are the perfect middle ground.  I also purchased a Masterson sta-wet palette, and it’s another thing that I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get.  The combination of the two makes using acrylics a lot easier and less wasteful.  


Masterson Sta-Wet Palette




Pet Painting #30 Jackson and Friends

“Jackson and Friends” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

 Sorry, guys. I’ve been a little under the weather.

I missed two whole days of painting because of feeling totally blah do to a cold that is making its rounds with our family.  Anyway, I hope this painting makes up for missed time since it is a QUADRUPLE portrait!

This is another merged painting.  I was given a reference photo of the kids on the front lawn and Jackson in the house.  After some photo editing and **ART MAGIC!** this was the final product. 

Hopefully this cold will be kind and leave me alone soon, so I can get back to my grueling painting schedule.

Pet Painting #14 Cletus Junior


“Cletus Junior” Acrylic on 9×12 canvas panel

Tonight I was so tired that I’m just happy I got as far as I did on this one.  It’s not my best work, but I still think this puppy came out pretty cute.  This is Cletus Jr.  He was a puppy when I took this the reference photo for this painting at my friend’s mother’s house in Marion, VA, but now his is all grown up.  Cletus lives at a farmhouse out in the mountains and spends his days playing with my friend’s 8 year old niece and bothering the farm cat.

I might revisit this one again to touch it up and smooth out some of the rough patches.  I feel like it has potential, but isn’t quite there yet.  If I do any edits, I’ll post it again.  For now, though, it’s time to go to sleep, and tomorrow is another day and another painting!


Pet Painting #10 Chester


“Chester” Acrylics on 12×12 canvas

He ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.

Gonna keep this short and sweet because it’s soooooo late. Elvis didn’t realize this phrase is a compliment, not an insult.  Hound dogs like Chester are sweet, loyal, lovable, and adorable!  Just look at those eyes.

For this painting, I decided to use a mottled background in some of my favorite colors, and colors that coincidentally remind me of Mardi Gras.  Pet a hound dog today, and laissez les bon temps rouler!