The first 50

Here are the first 50 paintings all together. (I’ve actually done 52, but 2 of them are surprises for the people receiving them, so I’ll post them later.)

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me so far in this painting challenge. It is a joy to paint all of these wonderful people and pets. The background stories really do help me bring out their personalities, so keep ’em coming!
I’m so lucky to be part of such a large and supportive family, and it’s been great getting to know all of the people I’ve met through this project.

My Etsy shop will be up soon with detailed pricing info and tips on how to choose a good reference photo!
Stay tuned for more!


6 thoughts on “The first 50

  1. Suzette, Looking at the gallery version of these paintings is awe inspiring! I mean it’s so impressive all the emotion and soul that exudes from the screen. I can’t wait to see your one woman show live!

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  2. Suzette, these paintings have brought me such joy! Art can do that for a person, and even more so for the mother of an artist. I am proud of your hard work and determination. Hope your creative work will always bring you contentment.

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