Pet Painting #40 Ramzie



“Ramzies” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas


That’s how long it felt like this painting was going to take.  For some reason, maybe I had a long day, maybe the painting I did yesterday kicked my butt, too, or maybe I was in a crummy mood, but this painting just wasn’t coming together.  After hearing some heavy sighs and some muttered curse words, my husband asked me what was wrong.

“Look at this painting!”

“What’s wrong? It looks fine to me.”

“It’s a complete disaster. I’m a total failure, and I didn’t even finish the painting I started yesterday. I should just call the blog Maybe A Pet Painting a Day If I Feel Like It.”

“Well, maybe you’re over thinking it.”

“Whatever. You don’t understand.”

Then I picked up my largest brush and stopped overthinking the whole thing and it came together quite well.  I’m glad I thought of that.


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