Pet Painting #32 Throwback Thursday


“Vintage Girl with Wire Hair” Acrylic on 9×12 panel board

I love old photos,

and I’ve really been wanting to do a painting using only a single color and white, so for a reference photo, I did a Google search for “vintage girl with dog” and this was one that I really liked. I hope you like it, too!

If you are into old photos and dogs, then visit this site to see how dog shows were done back in the day. (I just might paint a few of these in color for fun!)

Here are a few of my favorites from my google search of “vintage pet photos”.

I guess dressing your pet up isn’t a new thing!
Look at those curls!
A girl and her giant cat.
She’s totally okay, just take the picture. . Hurry!
This bunny looks very important.

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