Pet Painting #14 Cletus Junior


“Cletus Junior” Acrylic on 9×12 canvas panel

Tonight I was so tired that I’m just happy I got as far as I did on this one.  It’s not my best work, but I still think this puppy came out pretty cute.  This is Cletus Jr.  He was a puppy when I took this the reference photo for this painting at my friend’s mother’s house in Marion, VA, but now his is all grown up.  Cletus lives at a farmhouse out in the mountains and spends his days playing with my friend’s 8 year old niece and bothering the farm cat.

I might revisit this one again to touch it up and smooth out some of the rough patches.  I feel like it has potential, but isn’t quite there yet.  If I do any edits, I’ll post it again.  For now, though, it’s time to go to sleep, and tomorrow is another day and another painting!



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