Pet Painting #13 Sasha

Sasha edit
“Sasha” Acrylic on 11×14 canvas panel

I got asked to do a showing of my pet portraits.

Tonight took me a little longer than usual because I did an 11×14 instead of the usual smaller size.  The subject is my parent’s cat, Sasha.  In the photo, she’s lounging on a newspaper, so I gave her a pillow instead because, well, she’s a cat and she deserves a pillow.

This painting along with 5 others (yet to be created) will be on display for 8 weeks at one of the city municipal buildings in Suffolk.  I’m super excited to show my work for the first time, and I’m hoping it will give me some new clients, too.  For the next two weeks, every other painting will be a creation for this showing, so it’s still a mystery what will show up on this blog on those days!




4 thoughts on “Pet Painting #13 Sasha

  1. I’m so excited about your exhibit, Suzette! Sasha is beautiful….I especially love the expression you captured. This painting invites you to stay awhile and ponder ….and contemplate along with Sasha. Helps me “decompress”. Lovely.

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