Pet Painting #12 Oakley


“Oakley” Acrylics on 12×12 canvas


Bloodhounds are one of my all time favorite dogs.

I think my affection for them started when I saw the 1973 Disney animated version of Robin Hood. In the movie, there is a kindhearted dog named Otto, who is the village blacksmith.  They never specify what breed his is, but he’s totally a bloodhound.

Bloodhounds are one of those breeds that always look old.  They are big and droopy and sometimes kind of shy, but they are super sweet and they have crazy magic noses that can detect anything!

I also thought I would share my amazing artist’s studio with you today.  

It consists of a fancy chair that has been hand scratched by free range artisan cats, a white minimalist style chair that doubles as a computer stand, a vintage oak coffee table that has been danced upon by the feet of several small children to give it a distressed look, and my easel, which easily folds up so it can be thrown in a closet when company comes over.

If you are interested in an art studio like this, I recommend visiting your local thrift store or driving through your neighborhood to see what people have thrown out, grab several items that are already “broken in” and put them right in the middle of your living room. Voila! You now have an authentic Suzette Vida artists studio.

Here are some pictures:


4 thoughts on “Pet Painting #12 Oakley

  1. Love Oakley! Great landscape and the light is lovely…you can feel the warmth. I also love the description of bloodhounds and reflections of childhood…the artist studio tips were a bonus!

    Liked by 1 person

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