Pet Painting #11 Domineaux Deux

“Domineaux Deux” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

Here she is again!  I had to retry painting this perfect poofy poodle.  The first painting just didn’t do her justice, and she had no eyes! Now she has eyes and this painting is less about the landscape and more about the personality of the dog. . . and that awesome hairdo.


One thought on “Pet Painting #11 Domineaux Deux

  1. I am writing here what I have posted on Facebook and said to everyone I know with pets…you are a gift! The eyes! You do the most amazing faces, both human and pet. No photo can tell this story like you do with paint on canvas. That is my silly girl in this painting, and anyone who knows her will recognize her by the two paintings you have done of her. People know the dogs they know, and they know that it is their personality that makes them unique from any other of their same breed. A poodle is just a poodle until you meet them. You have introduced my poodle to the world.

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