Pet Painting #8 Trixie and Kim

 Trixie and Kim

A portrait of two best friends.

I don’t know Trixie or Kim.  The reference photo was sent to me to by a good friend of Kim’s, but I can tell you just from looking at the photo that Kim loves Trixie and Trixie loves Kim.

Painting a pet a day this whole past week has shown me just how much people love their pets.  These animals that we take into our lives are family, and the love between a pet and its person is both visible and visceral.  I’m thankful that I get to give my interpretation of this relationship to my friends and family as well as people I’ve never met before.

Below are some progress pics of this double portrait.  I painted it with my limited acrylic palette that I’ve grown so fond of this past week.  I enjoy painting people just as much as I enjoy painting pets, so this one was double the fun!



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