Pet Painting #5 Spaten


Acrylic on 9×12 canvas panel.

This was another experiment in a limited palette.  I used a red, blue, yellow, and white. This adorable little miniature pinscher looks black, but he’s actually a bunch of different mixtures of these three colors.  I really like painting without a black because the painting seems to have more life to it!

Many of the impressionists refused to use black, but they did it much better than me.  For more on that, go here.

Also, did you know that another interesting color is blue?

I just found out recently that blue isn’t really a naturally occurring color like you would think.  Many birds aren’t blue, but they use a “trick of structure” to make you think they are.

For more on this interesting topic, you can listen to this great NPR story.

See you tomorrow!


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