Pet Painting #3 Domineaux

I decided to try a different medium this time, and used oils. I love oils. It’s like painting with butter.  While I can achieve high amounts of details with acrylics, oils force me to paint looser and with less brush strokes.

I’ve wanted to paint this ever since my wonderful Aunt Meg posted the photo on her Facebook page.  Her standard poodle, Domineaux, is a beautiful black and white dog covered in piles of poodle curls which my aunt likes to keep long.  

The problem with this painting is that my aunt has expressed that she likes the way I paint eyes, and this painting has no eyes! This means there may be another painting of Domineaux in the near future to make up for this, which I don’t mind at all!

Here are some progress pics.

Blocking in,

And the final product.

Hope you like it, Aunt Meg!


3 thoughts on “Pet Painting #3 Domineaux

  1. It is stunning! Absolutely knew it was her before the picture fully loaded! You nailed it again! I will anxiously await eyes in another…love you, my sweet girl!

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