Pet Painting #2 Gambit


Acrylic on 9×12 canvas board

Good thing I had a lot of free time today!

I was afraid that this painting would take so long that I wouldn’t have anything to post on my SECOND DAY, and I would have to pretend that this whole painting a day thing was just a joke.  I was just kidding! A painting a day? Who in their right mind would commit to that?   I’ll be over here doing a painting every two months like I always do.

Anyway, I finally had the paintbrush pried from my clenched fist after my husband said for the 10th time, “I think it’s done.”

This is Gambit, a regal grey cat who lives with my friend Kelley.  Gambit is a fan of Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings.  I haven’t asked him, but I think his favorite character would be Gandolf. . . the Grey, not the White.


3 thoughts on “Pet Painting #2 Gambit

  1. Gambit looks like a handfull! I am going to dig up a photo of Papa’ with Sparky and/or Bear. Is that allowed, having a human in the picture? Or just the oet?

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