Pets. All. Day. Every. Day.


Why a pet portrait a day for a year?

I love a good challenge and, while I love to paint, I also love to procrastinate, quit in the middle of a painting, get distracted by other things, and procrastinate even more until I’ve squeezed out every last sweet drop of time doing other unimportant things.

I’m hoping that this blog will encourage me to commit to following through with a big project.  Completing this will be one of my largest accomplishments thus far as an artist. I’m prone to starting something, getting to the good part, and giving up. I don’t know if it’s some deep seeded fear of failure or if I’m just lazy, but it ends here!  I’m also hoping that all of this non-stop painting will make me into the GREATEST PET PORTRAIT ARTIST OF ALL TIME!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!  Ahem.  I mean, I expect my artistic ability will be improved a great deal by the end of this experiment.

The other plus side to doing this is that I get to see everyone’s awesome pets exactly the way they view them.  Pet owners get to pick their favorite photo of their dog, cat, bird, alligator, etc.  and I get to paint some of their favorite memories of that animal companion.  That is my favorite part.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I will have my first painting completed and posted on this blog. . .or will I?

(Yes. I will. That was just a dramatic ending to make you come back tomorrow.)


Here’s some old stuff to hold you over. Guess which one is not a pet?



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